California Judges Panel

A distinguished panel of California Judges will participate in a one-hour question/answer session about what they see as some of the best practices for receivers and attorneys. Learn from a judicial perspective as to the dos and don’ts to enhance your practice. What pre-filing considerations should be made to maximize your chances of getting a receiver appointed? What pitfalls can be avoided by receivers to maximize your chances of successfully navigating a receivership estate? Does the receiver have any "inherent" powers that do not need to be spelled out in the Appointment Order, or is it better to spell out every one of the receiver’s powers, duties, and responsibilities in the Appointment Order? What considerations go into allowing the Receiver the authority to market and sell a real or personal property? You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions of the panel during this "don’t miss" presentation.

Hon. Judge Mary Strobel, California Superior Court Los Angeles; Hon. Judge Meredith A. Jury (Ret.) and Hon. Judge Mitchell Beckloff, California Superior Court Los Angeles. 

Robert Mosier, Esq. and Oren Bitan, Esq.

1.0 Hour

Chapter 1 - California Judges Panel00:57:40
Lesson 1 00:57:40
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